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Tailored legal advice for internationals in Denmark

Private Persons

♦ EU and non-EU citizens

♦ Advice when purchasing or renting a home

♦ Zoning laws

♦ Commercial renting

♦ Tenants rights and obligations

♦ Employment contracts

♦ Employees and employers rights


♦ Debt settlement

♦ Declaring bankruptcy

♦ Marriage

♦ Death

♦ Divorce

♦ Cohabitation

♦ Child Custody

♦ Testaments

♦ Power of Attorney

♦ Citzen Services (Borgerservice)

♦ Acessing Local Services (Kommune)

♦ Mediation


♦ Company Registration

♦ Registration SKAT

♦ Guidance and advice on accounting

♦ Drafting of contracts with vendors, employees or collaborators

♦ We can deal with everything to help you relocate an employee from abroad. Check our relocation packages

♦ Checking existing work contracts of employees

♦ Drafting new contracts

Relocation Packages

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Great service and professionalism abound. My tax situation isn’t the most straight forward and Expat Solutions took care of it with minimal fuss (or pain on my part). Thumbs up and 5 stars from me.

Karl Correia

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